Mother's Day

No one will ever snatch this chain
That connects a small child to his Mom.
Born of immense love, strong as a talisman
This guarantee of happiness clears any punishment.

Loyal confidante, loving, cajoling
Only you guessed the sadness in my heart.
Always you will hold fabulous strength
Who helps me define my way of happiness.

You alone has the power to distress me.
To calm my anxiety in the middle of the night
I like my hair the ultimate caress
This soft furtive kiss I receive, without noise.

I want from a rose dry every tear
That despite my love I would have made you shed.
If I remain for you to rock a child,
I can now say "Mom has the charm!"

On this great feast day when mothers are queens
No gift will reach the magnitude of my love!
I did not want this but I frankly
Say how much I love you ... at the time of New Year's gifts!




HALLOWEEN (perfect square)

Aspen sinner!
When evening falls
Opens the grave
From the slaughterer ...

It rains a bang.
The ugly sorcerer
Go supplicier.
What carnage!

Its steel teeth
Do not care funk,
The hand fumbles
Bone saw.

Dry your mug
From whiner;
The man is a researcher ...
In a pumpkin.



The pleasures of our children
Often born of a lollipop,
From a humbug, a giclette,
They scour the tips of teeth.

The confectioner or the grocer
Get their first under:
Fudge? of roudoudous?
The stage becomes customary.

From Monday until Friday,
Fresh out of school
Cotton candy! "Each sticks
A showcase of candy.

In this realm of pure delight
Gather our seraphim.
The colors boast their fragrances:
Anise, mint, strawberry, licorice.

Adolescents his pranks
Let gumdrops
For chewable "love apple *"
"Violets and calissons".




                                                                                                       The knight of the seas (sonnet).

In 1982, the six men
Canoe ABER Wrac'h
disappeared at sea.

(Tribute to the rescuers S.N.S.M. *)

All seafarers I know most valiant.
He was the "Royal" * ... Officer of Merchant ...
Fisherman squid or cod fishing in Iceland,
Everywhere he showed a generous spirit.

Despite his gray hair his arm is strong
To stay the course of the canoe he commands.
For the worst time and on request
He wears a speedy assistance to the adventurous man.

Present in all ports, volunteer heroes
Deliver the sailors a symbol message:
Solidarity reign in the hearts of sailors.

Let's talk the rescuer, praise the volunteer,
Include this fine example our contemporaries ...
For a sense of duty is beneficial to all!

SNSM *: National Society for Sea Rescue
Royal *: Navy



The casket kisses (white grubs)

In the small case set with shells
I put my precious every day kisses.
Often I take them out to color my cheeks ...
To overcome my sense of the memories you.
From the most ancient forts are those of my grandfather:
A whiff of tobacco, wine mixed with earth
Then those of my grandmother, supported very sound
That you wash the skin of a green apple juice.
After coming writs "Uncle Moustache"
Full of guiliguilis that make you shiver;
These Amelie aunt with their big footsteps
In the middle of the forehead or ear lobe.
My sisters created them on each anniversary;
They feel the spark plug and the creamy cake
Without masking provided smell soap.
Of course I have a lot, daddy kisses!
Fresh aftershave they bite me sometimes
But always revive my confidence.
Mom knows how to make my favorite kisses;
They change according to the hour, or day, or location.
Many wake peck ... they annoy me ...
Until I laugh and get up singing.
At eight, only one, a "huge goodbye"
Will reassure me all the time at school.
The tender is the night of the big hug
As I draw the dream and serenity.
Since yesterday I hold a kiss gem
On a brand new student ... who I stole it!